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Denfab Engineers is a leading consultancy firm operating in India and globally. Our expertise includes cost-effective retro fittings and revamps of existing projects, as well as developing sustainable solutions. We pride ourselves on our unique combination of technical expertise, practical engineering, and extensive field experience. Our competitive edge lies in our ability to blend project management and technical skills, ensuring the delivery of exceptional results for our clients.

Our Strengths
We excel in value engineering
A team of experts with a combined engineering experience of over 1200 years
Stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies
Successful track record of projects across a range of sectors

Civil & Structural Engineering

Piping Design & Engineering services

Building Design & Architectural services

Electrical Design & Engineering services

Process Design & Engineering Services

Structural Health Audit

Structural health monitoring and audit is a present day necessity for safety of residential and commercial buildings. We offer structural audits to ensure that the design of buildings follow the codal provisions, the construction material is of required quality and has not detoriated. We also inspect the environmental exposure, existing damages and deterioation and thereafter suggest appropriate solutions. Structure Audit usually include the following:

Study of existing drawings and verification of construction

Visual inspection of cracks, defects, distress and deteriotation

Non-destructive testing of structural components

Environmental exposure

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